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It’s a new month and the end of 2013! Woot! Because of that, this will be a longer than normal post. I won’t go into much detail as far as how we did in December, other than to say my wife had a paycheck that was only $100 less than mine this month. November we barely got by but December we killed it. We were able to pay for a $600+ Verizon bill (done with them now!), get our saving back up to $1,000+ and still pay a few hundred toward debt!



Here is a breakdown of how much we made and how we spent our money in 2013. This is kinda scary to put out on the internet like this but that’s what this blog is for. Granted this information is from Mint and requires me to put things in the correct budget categories, so it may not be 100% accurate. It’s crazy to see where you spent all your money. I’ll go over a break down next week.

Income: $61,372
Interest Income: $6
Total: $61,378

Auto and Transport
Auto Insurance: $791
Gas and Fuel: $4,130
Service and Parts: $294
Total: $5,215

Bills and Utilities
Internet: $550
Mobile Phone: $1,677
Television: $502
Utilities: $1,268
Web hosting: $117
Total: $4,114

Student Loan: $3,481
Total: $3,481

Apps: $142
Dates: $1,359
Furniture: -$28
General Expenses: $753
Singing Competition: $145
Singing Lessons: $865
Sporting Events: $1,544
Total: $4,780

Fees and Charges
Ticket: $260 (it goes reduced and I got a check back for $150 but I put it toward paying of debt)
Total: $260

Debt Killer: $7,639
General Savings: $900
Lindy’s Ring: $690
Prosper Loans: $3,456
Tithe: $5,986
Total: $18,671

Food and Dining
Alcohol and bars: $70
All Eating out/Coffee: $1,346
Groceries: $3,915
Mick’s Groceries: $83
Take People Out: $305
Total: $5,719

Gifts and Donations
Charity (Compassion Child): $476
Christmas Gifts: $292
Gifts: $1,764
Trusting Jesus: $638
Total: $3,170

Health and Fitness
Dentist: $128
Doctor: $742 (Most of my hospital bills went under debt killer)
Eyecare: $55
Total: $925

Art: $50
Furnishings (this is my furniture budget): $132
Home Insurance (Renters Insurance): $227
Mortgage and Rent: $10,360
Total: $10,769

Electronics and Software (ie Xbox Live subscription): $2
Clothing: $339
Cosmetics/Toiletries: $347
Total: $688

Vacation: $1,138
Total: $1,138