All posts for the month June, 2014

Months where Lindy gets paid three times are AWESOME! We did great this month and even got to go on a weekend vacation to Vancouver BC!



We did a bit of saving this month… Yeah, almost 2 grand! Part of that came from slimming down some of our budget, just not going places last month, and a large chunk from one whole paycheck of Lindy’s and part of a check she got for helping lead a choir concert for a school. Now our savings is back to the pre-tax season level.

HSA went down even more, but that’s why we have it!

Most of my bonus check from last month went to paying down that Prosper loan I have. Took a nice chunk out of it. Excited to get that paid down!

All in all, God was extremely good to us last month. And now we get to bless those who are graduating and going on mission trips this summer!

I’ll leave you all with this month in history and by history I mean last year.

May 2013’s total Liabilities was $31,461.20.
May 2014’s total Liabilities was $23,486.30

That’s a difference of $7, 974.90!!!