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Tough month but we made it!

Savings: No increase this month, but the good news is we have paid off most of our doctor bills. The rest should be paid off this month.
Checking: My wife took a week off to deal with me. So even though she got a raise and an increase in hours, we still made less then last month. Our House Saving should be increasing a whole lot more though with this pay increase!
Prosper: I’m getting payments back from the Prosper loans that I funded. I’m excited to see this grow!
Acorns: I started an Acorns account. You link your debt or credit cards to the account. It rounds-up your transactions and puts the change in an investment account when you reach $5. So if you bought an energy drink for $2.99, Acorns would set aside $.01 for your Acorn account. Once you hit $5 it takes it out of the checking account you link to the account and invests it! Just another way to invest.
HSA: Medical bills… blah…

All our investment accounts took a hit this month. Oh well, gotta ride it out! And our Net Worth dropped because of this.