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I warned my wife before we got married, but she didn’t believe me. Now though, she is a believer. I told that she just needs to be aware that I have the worse luck every. And every time something good happens, something bad is usually right around the corner. Or in this case, the same day…

The Good News:
Good news is we are credit card debt free! FINALLY! I have been in credit card debt for the better part of 9 years now. I have gotten down to the last $1,000 or less about 3 times during that period. But something always happens (major car repairs, losing my job, moving to Oregon) that causes me to get sucked back into it. But now we are done! We still use three of credit cards daily, but all the money is budgeted for and we pay those off twice a month. So glad to be done with it!

The Bad News:
Later that day after paying off our credit card, I was doing our taxes. I already entered in my information and one of Lindy’s W2 and saw we were getting back about $1,300. Woot! We got back about $900 last year so we were excited. When I went to enter in her school loan information, I noticed something. Right above this $1,300 entry was a column that said “You owe”. To which I replied “Aww crap…”. I compared how much was paid to social security in 2012 compared to 2013 and in 2013 I paid about $1,300 less and made more money. Cool…. I looked into it more and the change happened in November of 2012. So basically when I filled out a new W4 after we got married I did something that had them take out less money. So now we owe instead of getting a return. The good side of this is we will have this much by March. So it’s not that big of deal, but still I like getting money rather than spending it.

In other news, remember that list of goals I posted about? Well… we are going to change them a bit. We have decided that saving up for a house is better than paying off our loans right. We are going to pay a little extra toward them, but we also want to save for a house/the Elio car.


UPDATE: I wrote this post on Sunday and on Wednesday I found out I am getting a bonus for half of last year which should be on my check today. So that will help with paying those taxes! God is good!