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No blog post last week and this really isn’t one this week :) I have been sick this week and last week life just got busy and out of control. Certain distracts did not help matters (but sure made being sick a lot easier).

It’s been a crazy two weeks money wise. We knew this was coming but still crazy when it gets there. We had our savings drained to under $200, paid $1,400+ in taxes, at one point had two personal loans for over $7,000, and paid off one of those personal loans to bring us back down to $3,800ish. So much money moving… But the good news is, we are more than surviving this month and are looking at putting between $300-$800 back into savings! Woot!

I say $300 to $800 because we have budgeted to put $800 in savings. But I did something else crazy this week. I canceled my reservation for the Elio. I’ve talked about the Elio before; the amazing car due to come out around August of this year. They have two reservation types: “I want in” which is fully refundable but is last in line to get a car and “I’m all in” which is not refundable and gets the car first. Well late last year we put down $500 under I want in. Nice, safe, and refundable. Well after having seen the car and sitting it, I want one. And for $6,800, you really can’t go wrong. But there is no way to upgrade from I want in to I’m all in. So I canceled my reservation and am now reserving under I’m All In. And we are going to put down $1,000 instead of $500. So excited!

Anywho, that is our update. I will have our monthly update out next and hopefully some more good posts next month :) Also, there have been talks about another guest post from my wife.