All posts for the month December, 2013

I follow the blog Budgets are Sexy and saw this post. So I decided to do it also. There was some good questions to think about here.

  1. Is My Money Being Spent on the Things That Truly Matter to Me? For the most part, yes. The things we tend to spend too much money on are gifts for others, dates, and groceries. I think those are good things to spend money on :) I’m going to be doing a year end evaluation next month, so I should be able to better to answer this question then :P
  2. What Was The Last Item I Regretted Purchasing? Oh man… hmm…. I bought a $99 Harmony remote that lets me control my devices from my smart phone. I like it but I think I’m regretting it now and would rather have a remote. Oh well. Teaches me to spend my allowance on that.
  3. What’s Holding Me Back From Taking Action? Time. I have lots of stuff I want to do or learn but time is the killer. It doesn’t help that I have weird work schedule and most of my free time is spent trying to sleep or seeing my wife for the short time I can.
  4. How Would My Budget Look Without Debt Payments? We would be $800 richer each month just in debt payments. Debt payments + extra payments means we would have around $1500 each month. That is a lot of money!
  5. Am I Listening to the Right People? I think so. I’m following Jesus and whatever he wants me to do with my money. I also follow about 4-5 blogs on money and I take some of my advise from them.
  6. How Can I Improve My Financial Literacy? I need to read more books. Which goes back to the time part… I have also been thinking about taking some college classes on accounting and money management.
  7. What’s My True Hourly Wage? I’m not sure. So I’m just going to skip this one.
  8. What Can I Do to Increase My Income? I need to work more on side hustles. And to find more side hustles that have a good return.
  9. If I Died Today, Would My Family Be OK? Yes. With the life insurance I have from my work, my wife would be able to pay off all our debits and still have enough to live off of for a long while.
  10. Am I Setting a Good Example For My Children? Don’t have any yet. But I sure hope I’m setting myself up to be a good one.
  11. Where Do I Want to Be One Year From Now Financially? I actually sat down and wrote this out a few weeks ago. By this time next year, I want to be down to just student loans. That means no more credit card debt, ring debt, or our prosper loan. I also want to be net worth positive and start investing in our ROTH IRA. Big goals, but I think we can do it.

That was a lot of fun! Some of these are questions you need to ask yourself often to make sure you are still on the right path. How would you answer these questions?