4 comments on “Good News and Bad News

  1. Good for you! At least something good (the bonus) is cancelling out that negative. It really sucks when you think you’ve been paying the right amount in taxes all along too…

  2. Are you writing off all of your charitable contributions? I know that you have been making some. I recommend looking into it, I recommend double checking everything as well. Also (and forgive me for not knowing the answer to this) if she is still in school there are two different types of tax relief available ( typically the tax credit is the better option assuming that you qualify).

    • Yeah, we are. I just got most of the year end receipts for those this week. That took off a good 2-300.

      She is not still in school :( I remember those tax breaks. They were nice :)

      I will be double checking everything before we send it off, especially since there is no need to do it early.

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