All posts for the month June, 2013

In June of 2012, I was at a summer camp I help out at called Camp Soundview. I was a counselor there. It was one of those time where none of the messages were really on this topic but God was just hitting me hard about this area of my life, finances.

This is where God hit me with the truth that I had been worrying about money and living this area of my life on my own. I started praying about it that week. Something God revealed to me (that I already knew and heard a million times) was that all my money isn’t mine. It’s his that he is loaning me to be a good steward of. After reading verse after verse in the Old Testament about God telling the Israelites to follow him and his commands, to give him the choices portions before they take theirs; that he would bless them beyond belief.

So I decided to put that to the test. I came up with an idea and prayed a lot about it. I was finally at the point where I was ready to talk to my fiance about it. To start out we gave $10 each for God to do whatever with. We will pray and let him tell us where to give the money to. We don’t budget for this money, this is not part of our tithe. This money that God will provide and we will increase what we give by $5 each month until we hit a month where our bank account goes into the negative.

Each and every month since then, God has done two things:

1. He has always provided people, organizations, or events to donate to.

2. Our bank account has never gone below zero (hovered around $30 once or twice or 5 times…)

As of this month (June 2013), we are giving $85 (I think jumped to $10 one month ;) ).

This has been the foundation and the backbone of our journey of getting out of debt.