All posts for the month January, 2014

Now that I have shown you my complete life, I’d like to look back now. Where your money goes is often a representation of the things you value most. I want to use this information to just get a broad picture of where we are spending our money and where can we improve.

Income: $61,378 – It should be the highest :) Without income, we would be in trouble… A side note, this income does not include my side hustles. That was added as my allowance, which was not recorded because I have a long spreadsheet on this and was too lazy to go through it :)

Financial: $18,671 – We paid off a crap ton of debt. From my paper notes at the beginning of the year, we started with $35,630.69 in debt! Crazy! At the end of December, we were down to $26,268.93! That’s a huge chunk of change. I have some high goals for this year, that I will talk about next week; but I think 2014 will be a great year for us financially.

Home: $10,769 – Gotta live somewhere…

Food and Dining: $5,719 – MMMM food! This should be one of the higher ones. While I’ve cut back on my eating out a ton, we still eat out a few times a week. But most of the time it is either with friends, for date nights, or just because we need some time together. Food is great for building relationships :)

Auto and Transport: $5,215 – Having Sounders Season Tickets and my family in Washington, gas becomes a huge expense. We talked about it already, but we pre-ordered the Elio. At 84 MPG, this will cut down our gas consumption a TON. Until then, we will be paying out the nose.

Entertainment: $4,780 – Dates and Sounders games take up the majority of this. Because of that, I am very ok with this. :)

Bills and Utilities: $4,114 – Always gonna have them…

Education: $3,481 – I hope by 2015 that all we will have is student loans. And then we will be pushing hard to kill this.

Gifts and Donations: $3,170 – We spent more on gifts this year then we did on dates or Sounders tickets. This makes me very very happy. The Trusting Jesus project (what started this blog), is going awesome! I’m excited to see what happens in the future!

Travel: $1,138 – We went to California, Idaho, Nevada, the Rodeo, and spent a week in Oregon and Washington on our anniversary. I’d say we did very well! Finding deals FTW!

Health and Fitness: $925 – Oh doctors…

Shopping: $688 – The difference between what we spend on ourselves and what we spend on others is HUGE! I LOVE THIS!

Fees and Charges: $260 – Goal for 2014, no tickets…