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Only a month late…

To say that I did not feel like budgeting or dealing with money last month would be an understatement. Usually I look at Mint 4-5 times a week, but often every day. This last month, I think I looked at it twice. That also meant that I didn’t feel like posting about July’s status even though I updated my spreadsheet for it. All that to say, here is where we stood for July and I hope to post August here soon.













Savings: Ouch! That took a nose dive. Because I live in Oregon and they have a stupid law where if your check engine light is you have to get it fix before you can renew your tabs, we had to drop a grand on my car. We might be doing this again in November with Lindy’s car too. Oh well as my wife pointed out, this is why we have a savings.

Nothing else really changed. Our net worth only went down $140 thanks to the hit in savings. That is all for now!