All posts for the month November, 2014

After saving a bit here and there for the last 4-5 months, my wife and I were able to take a 10 day vacation to California that included Disneyland! It was awesome. The plane tickets cost us $50 because we used our True Blue miles points. Love it!

October was kind of the perfect storm in an amazing way. My mother-in-law gave us an early Christmas present for our trip, Lindy got paid three times that month, and I got a bonus from work. All of this on top of all the saving we did, we more than covered our vacation. In fact most of my bonus was able to go toward debt and Lindy’s third paycheck was able to go to savings and help out with paying off debt. We are now $188 away from paying off one of her six school loans. So excited!

Here is where we stand now:

Savings: We were able to get back to $1k in savings! Wootz!
Student Loans: We were able to add an additional payment of $1144 toward this. So excited to see this dropping!
Net Worth: Guys! We are almost at a positive Net Worth! We should be there by the end of 2015!

At the start of the year, we had a net worth of -16k and our total liabilities was -$26k! That’s a lot of progress!