Operation Side Hustle

I have a love/hate relationship with eBay. eBay is great if you have something small that does not cost a lot to ship. If you have a larger object, you might be lucky if you break even after shipping. But if you can find something to sell and make a profit, it is awesome.

I tried my hand at a few things with eBay, including flipping Xboxes (which failed due to getting a broken Xbox and not realizing it right away), but none of them worked and ended up costing me more money. Until I found out I could sell my Magic the Gathering cards on there. Now, I don’t make a lot of money on selling these cards, but sometimes I hit it “big”.

I found out that they would sell better if I offered free shipping. So rather than shipping them for $2.07 like eBay suggests, I put them in a standard envelope and mail it through the mail. I also decided to step up my game and buy card protectors for all the cards I sell. In total, it cost me $0.66 for each customer. I start all my cards out at $0.99 and most of them sell for that price or just a little more than that. So for each card I sell I get a whole $0.33 cents. I’m rich! :P

But when people purchase more than one card, I ship them together. The full cost of the each additional card is all profit! On top of that, I have had quite a few cards sell for around $5 and even one for just shy of $30!

So there are months where I will make $30-$40 dollars and there are months where I make $10. All just depends on how much time I want to put into it.

Do you or have you sold anything on eBay? How was it for you?