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Man… I have been busy. I seem to be having trouble keeping up with money stuff lately. Anywho, here is our monthly update for April.


Not as great as we were hoping but we got by.

Savings: Not much added last month and it doesn’t look like this month will be much better. But hey, every bit helps!
HSA: So I had some doctor visits. But that’s what this account is for anyways. More will be coming out of here this month when I get charged for my CPAP supplies.
Personal Loans: YAY for large changes! We are paying the same amount toward this, but now the majority of it is going toward the principle rather than interest. And this month will have even more paid off towards this since I got a bonus from work!

All in all, not too shabby. Net worth went up, which is the direction we want it to go in :)