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I won’t go over this every month, but this month was pretty awesome.

As I already talked about, we set aside money each month to give to anything God has that month. In mid-June, I was already looking at the budget for July and knew it was going to be tight. But God helped reassure us by the time July rolled around.

See in June, we planned a vacation to see some awesome friends in Idaho. Well, we happened to not spend as much money as we thought. How much less? $90. Boom! The exact amount we need for July.

So July comes along and for the first time in many months, we didn’t have anyone right off the bat to give to. See in the months leading up to this we have been giving regularly to 4-5 people to help fund their missions trips. By July, they had either reached their goals or were on their way on trips!

We prayed over the money and were excited to see what God had planned. We did give monthly to a local non-profit, Compassion Connect. But that still meant $70 for God to open up doors. A week into July, and we started talking about the money. I felt like God was calling us to give to a friend of a friend who is riding to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. So we did.

And while we were talking, my wife talked about how she had a co-worker who just had a little girl and was having a rough time back at work. She explained how her co-worker never really spent any money on herself and she would really like to give her some money that she could only spend on her. So we did.

This left us with $10. $10 is always an awkward amount. I always feel like it’s not really enough to give to someone. So I thought it was going to be tough to find something. Bring on Micah Challenge! Micah Challenge’s goal is to end extreme poverty. For the month of July, they are matching your donations up to $10,000! So that is where the last $10 dollars went.

This is not new for us, seeing God provide money in all sorts of different places and then providing us with the right amount of people and organizations to give to that month. We have been doing this for a year now and each month I’m blown away by his provision. I hope you are encouraged to start doing something similar and see how God blesses the socks off you.