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Last week, I explained that I did not use InboxDollars for surveys. This is because they are long and not worth the money. However, I did recently come across a site for doing surveys, e-Rewards.

e-Rewards has shorter surveys and a higher payout. The surveys are usually between 10-45 minutes and the pay outs are around $2-$8. And if you don’t qualify, you get $0.25 anyways!

This is my first full month going this and I have only been doing it a few days a week. Already I have made $29! Crazy!

The one draw back to it is the fact that you don’t get straight cash for it. Instead you redeem the money in the form of credits for other companies. If you look at their rewards site, they have a good list you can choose from. I’ve already redeemed $20 in the form of a $25 voucher for (which it looks like is no longer an option, they are constantly changing who you can redeem rewards with).

They do have quite the list of airlines and hotels, which I think is what we will be saving up for next!