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I love the beginning of the month. I get to see how awesome we did. We had a LOT of additional income last month (a bonus for me and Lindy did a few side jobs). However, we also had a lot of expenses also. One thing that I haven’t tracked here was a $400 dollar “loan” from my parents which got paid back.

Savings – This number should have been a lot higher… but I bought new bicycle. I’ll post more on that later and why I did that. But we did manage to put $500+ in savings which is good! Although, later this month we will take a hit. We still need to pay $1400+ in taxes. *sigh*

HSA – It is so nice to be saving for medical issues and earning interest. Because medical issues will come. Either by babies or my yearly “My body has decided to stop working properly and now I need surgery” incidents.

Lindy’s Ring 2.0 – PAID OFF! Woot!


This next month will be a little tight with taxes, but we should do fine. If we stick to our budget, we should only need to pull $900-1,000 out of savings to pay for that. Yay for having a large savings!