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I talked a while back about time management and how I was going to start spending time relaxing, thinking and organizing. “Time is money, money is time. If you do not have plan, you will waste both and wear yourself out.” This is so true! I’ve only been able to do this a few times since then but the results have been awesome.

I have been sitting down to think of a new hustle each month. Only problem with that is when I take these relaxing times, I end up with way more ideas… So I am now sitting on 5 new side hustle ideas. Now my issue is not coming up with new ideas, but rather focusing on a single idea at a time. This is a good problem to have. I really want talk about the side hustle I am working on right now, but I don’t think we (That’s right we. Because I doing this hustle with my wife! It makes me really excited!) are ready to reveal it yet. But I will let you guys know as soon as I can.

Time Management, I suck at. I said that in the last post. I’m terrible at creating tasks and sticking to a single plan. I found a free site/Android app called Asana where I can create tasks and assign them to me or my wife. This has been extremely helpful in keeping me focused on a single task at a time. The only downside, my wife can assign me daily tasks she wants me to do and I get an email about it if it is over due (I’ll take out the trash when I’m good and ready!). I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to collaborate with others or just looking for a task manager.

This time has also helped me filter out the the side hustles that I should just stop doing. I decided to stop doing surveys on e-rewards. The payments were great, but you could only redeem it for certain things. The only thing we were really interested in was the restaurants.com gift cards but restaurants.com select is extremely lacking. So the fact that it takes the most time for the crappiest rewards means I’m dropping it. I’ll still stick with Inbox Dollars because I can read their emails in about 5 minutes a day and I am doing one of their free trials a month. This month, they paid me $12 for buying a Groupon, any Groupon. So me and the wife will be going wine tasting again for only $15 and I got $12 back in rewards. I like that! Since joining them a little over a year ago, I’ve make almost $125 bucks! Woot!

That’s all the updates I have for now!