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Oh man what a month… It was crazy. Lots of going backwards. This was the first month that we spent more than we earned. But it was for a great reason (which I will get into more on Friday). Also this post is super late, but here we go.



Let’s break it down.

Savings: The man took my money! I knew it was coming, but it still hurt. $1,485.90 is way too much…
401(k) – The Wife: Costco dumped their match for the money my wife put in last year. Woot! $700+
Personal Loans: Yay for going in debt more? No, I don’t think so. But having the interest rate go from over 22% to under 7% is win! We are going to be putting the same amount of money toward this each month even though our money payment was cut by more than half.

All and all, only a hit of $1,120. Still hurts. But that is the update. Thank OBAMA!