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Hello… do you guys remember me? It’s been a while… sorry about that. Thanks to illness and anniversary/vacation, I was not able to post here.

So I may have lied to you guys in August and September. But it was for a good reason! I took on more debt. It was to surprise my wife with the wedding band to complete her set (Got to catch them all?). Anywho, I’ve been telling her that I wasn’t getting it for her because we couldn’t afford it. Which is true, but I did it anyways. I was able to borrow some money from my parents (that I already had from selling their stuff on eBay) and it went on my Ben Bridge card so we were semi-safe. Still more debt bleh.

So here we go!



This will probably be the last month I track my side hustles and credit card rewards. It’s just getting confusing. Instead I will update it when I actually get money back (like redeeming my inbox dollars check , gym-pact rewards, credit card rewards, etc).

The next few months this report is going to pretty bare. One of my goals is to survive until January 1st. October-December we have zero extra spending money. These three months have our anniversary, Sounders games, Sounders season ticket renewal, Lindy’s birthday, a wedding, and Christmas. Oh, and on top of that, this is the time of the year that Costco hires seasonal employees so Lindy’s hours get slashed to almost nothing. So lots of events and less money coming in. But God is good and he will provide. Just time to buckle down and ride it out. After the first, we should be back to having $400-$600 extra a month to go toward debt killing.

This month I’ve got some posts that I’m super excited to share with your guys. So stay tuned!