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Do you smell that? I love the smell of a new month. I get all giddy preparing the budget for the new month and figuring out how we did last month. It makes me happy. Anywho, here is the run down:



I added new fields and whatnot. Helps me better track things ;)

No big changes in our Net Worth, so I will skip that.

Credit Cards – This only went down by about $200. Which sucks, but we have a good excuse. We decide to invest in a new car, the Elio. Since I make trips up to Washington at least once a month, it made sense to get a car with 84 mpg! It won’t come out for another year or so, but we put down a $500 deposit to get one.

Everything else in the Liabilities is basically the same.

My Side Hustles did very nicely this month. Mostly because of stuff I have been selling on eBay for my parents (which the next blog post will probably be about).

We have some big expenses coming up (Sounders Season Tickets renewal, Lindy’s birthday, 1 year anniversary, and Christmas for example) so the paying off of debt might be slowing down until January. But we will keep at it!